How using a building surveyor can benefit building owners

Building surveyors provide a variety of valuable services within the construction industry, using their expertise to advise clients on design, construction, maintenance and repair, and helping them attain their goals to the highest of standards.

Becoming involved at any stage of a project or assisting with specific tasks within a property’s lifecycle, building surveyors specialise in a range of areas including civil and building engineering, quality assurance, project management and architecture.

The role of a building surveyor incorporates a plethora of duties such as conducting surveys, access audits and defect analysis, extensions, refurbishments and repairs, as well as design and management, with the ultimate aim of generating added value. But what exactly are the benefits of enlisting the help of building surveyors?


Helping meet budgets and delivering extra value

Being equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience enables building surveyors to help building owners meet budget no matter the task or project at hand. By negotiating with third parties, assessing the need for certain investments, avoiding waste, establishing priorities and overall advising on the best use of a client’s money, building surveyors can help deliver extra value, exceeding set goals and KPIs.


Ensuring owners adhere to regulations

The nature of the work required by a client may translate to the need to comply with specific laws and regulations, as is often the case in construction. For instance, dealing with dilapidations calls for in-depth knowledge regarding practice guidelines, case law and commercial property matters. Similarly,  construction design requires compliance with a variety of regulations, most importantly those surrounding accessibility. With the industry constantly evolving and new regulations and legal requirements coming into effect, enlisting the help of building surveyors can successfully prevent building owners from the hefty cost of failing to comply.


Mitigating risks

Building surveyors possess the necessary skills, qualifications and overall experience to quickly identify hazards before they escalate, potentially requiring more costly or time-consuming solutions as a result. Unforeseen problems can present themselves with any project involving construction or repairs, causing setbacks and added costs. Building surveyors have the knowledge needed to not only promptly identify hazards that others may be unaware of, but also deal with them in the correct manner.


Saving time

With increased knowledge and experience come greater efficiency and in turn, the ability to generate significant time savings. Equipped with the necessary expertise to avoid errors and delays and determine the most effective plan of action, building surveyors can substantially reduce the time clients need to invest in a project, as well as becoming their sole point of contact, shortening the extra time that is typically required to contact and deal with multiple separate entities.


Advising on the best possible solutions

Depending on the issues experienced by a property owner, building surveyors can provide a tailored approach. Building owners can often be unaware of what exactly is causing a problem or the most cost-effective, appropriate solution to adopt to eliminate it. Building surveyors can provide highly customised solutions, as well as the most innovative in the market, helping clients keep up with the pace of change.


Better project planning and management

Building surveyors have the knowledge required to effectively streamline solutions, establish a clear process of delivery and effectively manage time overall, ensuring that relevant activities are planned and scheduled in ahead of time and that all objectives are met, allowing each project to run as smoothly as possible. By offering tailored strategies and assessments, building surveyors can also help plan for the future, for instance determining whether further interventions may be required in the long term, which can be instrumental in safeguarding buildings.


Providing extra knowledge and resources

Being well established within their industry, building surveyors possess and manage a plethora of valuable contacts and existing connections with a successful track record within the field, which adds significant value to any project. Further, building surveyors offer an in-depth understanding of relevant products and services, which enables them to better advise clients as well as identify the most effective solutions.


Choosing the right building surveyors

As an independent firm of chartered building surveyors, Arc Building Consultancy focuses on delivering the highest quality of service no matter the task or project at hand, with a hands-on approach that focuses on customer benefits.

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