Flat Roof Testing

At Arc we combine our defect analysis skills as Chartered Building Surveyors, with state-of-the-art equipment when it comes to flat roof defects and water ingress detection.

As an independent practice we are ideally placed to provide unbiased factual diagnosis of flat roof defects and can now also test most flat roof coverings in order to detect the most minute perforations that may be allowing water to penetrate the roof structure. This enables us to pinpoint perforations and weak points, and to specify the most cost-effective remedial works and solution, removing any risk of over or under specification.

Our equipment is fully portable and detects an electrical path to earth through leaks and defects in non-conductive flat roofing finishes from 64µm to 25.6mm thickness.

Relying on dry conditions, there is no need to flood the roof and risk further water ingress which must be preferable, where water ingress is already evident.

On new build or refurbishment projects, we can also provide independent survey and test results on roof at hand over stage, thereby providing peace of mind of the roof covering integrity at the beginning of the roofs life cycle.