Vendors Surveys

A vendor survey will make the process of selling your property assets as smooth and transparent as possible. The use of a vendor survey as part of a co-ordinated and managed disposal project will also maximise the sale price.

In a market place that relies on speedy and open but confidential transactions, an independent vendor survey that can be confidently relied upon by the purchaser and its funders will push you ahead of the competition. You might explore the possibility of a 2- stage vendor survey and due diligence to maximise your asset value by resolving or correcting deficiencies in the property or its Title.

The building inspection will also enable vendors to resolve or correct deficiencies that a purchaser may raise enabling sale prices to be maximised.

Our report, compiled following a detailed building inspection, is an objective survey of the property and therefore satisfies the due-diligence requirement of potential bidders. This alleviates the need for all interested buyers to arrange their own surveys, speeding up the sale process and reducing the disruption to your occupier.