Pre-acquisition Surveys

Our pre-acquisition survey enables you to make an informed decision about a proposed purchase, taking into account the suitability of the property for a particular use, the feasibility of potential construction projects and the potential liabilities and future costs that may be incurred.

We appreciate that property transactions rely on a fast flow of information and we have a reputation for our fast-turn-around of surveys. We mobilise quickly and ensure that reports are delivered to the client within days following our inspection.

As surveyors we are aware of shortcomings and were necessary advise on further appointments in relation to services consultants, structural engineers, material testing, environmental consultants and alike to ensure the process runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

From experience we are fully aware that other advisers may not be aware of ‘on site’ practicalities and raise within our reports sections for solicitors and other advisors in order to draw attention to other areas that may need to be considered.