Planned Preventative Maintenance

Over recent years there has been a pronounced increase in the need to consider building management over the longer term and to focus on value and not just cost.  Whole Life Value (WLV), as it is often termed, also recognises and balances the markedly differing needs and opinions of owners, landlords and tenants in the decision-making process – an approach that we find resolves differences before they become time and cost critical and to secure all-party support for the scheme.

This is crucially important, for instance, where a landlord seeks to recover the costs of a planned maintenance programme from his tenants through a service charge.  In these cases transparency and value for money is particularly important and, with this in mind, we recognise the benefits in seeking to spread the cost of the works evenly so that there is no spike in the charge, and will always group work types to combine costs such as scaffolding or the draining of heating systems.

Planned Maintenance Schedules are far from being the rather mundane reports they are sometimes viewed as.  Properly drafted they are an invaluable component of good estate management, of benefit to owners and occupiers alike.