Project monitoring

When it comes to property development appointing the right project monitor is often the difference between a sound investment and a wasted opportunity.

As an independent practice our project monitors will help you to minimise risk when financing projects. We make the time to talk to our clients and identify what the real drivers are behind their investment, to identify the critical factors and plan on how to best assure their success.

Our project monitors are employed to protect an investors interests by ensuring projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality. We will provide advice on important decisions from the outset, including:

  • Land and property acquisition matters
  • Pre-contract design team consultation
  • Statutory consents
  • Insurance requirements
  • Financial appraisals and agreements
  • Construction costs
  • Developer and Contractor appointments
  • Design and construction quality

We are hands on and via attendance at meetings, reviewing drawings, specifications and attendance on site ensures that challenges and risks are identified at an early stage and dealt with efficiently.

As independent consultants our sole interest in a development is ensuring that it meets the clients requirements. This gives us the freedom to provide completely objective advice when and as it is needed with complete focus on realising your projects aims and objectives.